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June 13, 2008


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I was lucky enough to meet Fred Rogers when I worked for Idaho Public Television. He came to the Boise studios, I don't recall why now, and spoke. His show and I came into being the same year, and I told him so and thanked him very much for creating a safe place for children on television.

I still remember when the first Gulf War began. He created a series of spots for children to run in-between the kids programs, to reassure them. And then he recorded a series of spots for parents to air around the evening programs--he was dressed in a suit and tie for these--to remind them about how scary this stuff can be for their kids and to help explain it.

I thanked him for that too.

You're right, he was a very nice man.


I was so happy to read this post. I loved Mister Rogers as a child (actually,still to this day). I was an absolute terror, but my mother would turn on Mister Rogers and I would stare at him, helpless under the mesmerizing wonder that is his tv show. His voice!! so relaxing! This worked when I was two, five and eight, however it also worked to lull me into the same state at 14, 22 and 30. He's the best. Happy King Friday the XIII!

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